Amendments to the Law "On Organization of Lotteries, Gambling and Profitable Games".

Impact of regulations on gambling business

Gambling - Research Results

Fees increased from the gaming business - what did 2023 look like for the industry?

Taxes for the gambling sector are increasing - discussion in the parliament

Taxes on the gambling industry are increasing

A new regime of gaming business taxation

Gaming business profit tax increases to 15%, withdrawal of winnings will be taxed at 5%

"Georgia can become the "head" of gambling in the region" — George Mamulashvili

Gambling Business After Strict Regulations

Impact of regulations - how the gambling industry is developing in Georgia

Gambling industry turnover and statistics

The law on gambling reduced the revenues of broadcasters

Advertising income of television stations decreased by ₾2.2 million

Gaming businesses file another lawsuit against the government

"An unstable and illegal market has emerged" -

How much money is included in the budget from gaming business?

1 year of regulations - what has changed in the gambling business

Gambling business: TOP online casinos

Giorgi Mamulaishvili, head of "Gambling Business Association"

Further regulation of the gambling industry

Another bill on gambling - how does business fare?

The gambling business does not agree with the new regulations

What did 2022 look like for the gaming business?

Further regulations for the gambling sector

Regulations are tightening for the gambling business

The economics of gambling

New regulations will be imposed on gaming business

Illegal Gaming in minority

Illegal Gaming of minors

Prohibition of online casinos and the rate of Illegal Gaming

Increased rate of Illegal Gaming

Will anti-gambling laws be tightened?

George Mamulaishvili's interview at Sigma International Conference

Implications for Georgian Gambling Business Regulation

Consequences of Restrictions in Gaming Business

What were the consequences of the stricter gambling regulations in Georgia?

Caring for citizens or a law enacted to silence critical media

What challenges does the gambling sector has?

Challenges of the gambling industry

The situation in gambling business

"The game is restricted" - the effect of restricting one industry

The gambling law has activated illegal sites

New regulations in the gambling business

Nika Mosiashvili's opinion on gambling

What problems will the tightening of regulations for the gambling association create for Georgian sports?

Georgian Gambling Business Association and Sportsmens Business Press Conference

Raul Tutarauli comments on the termination of sports sponsorship

Nino Odzelashvili's comment regarding the termination of sports sponsorship

Levan Saginashvili's comment regarding the termination of sports sponsorship

Lasha Talakhadze's comment regarding the termination of sports sponsorship

Konstantine Janashia's comment on the termination of sports sponsorship

Statement by the Head of Administration of the Association about Sports and Financial Resources

Gambling business and government populism

The head of the administration of the Georgian Gambling Business Association is a guest speaker on the 17th floor

Is prohibiting the Gambling Business a solution?

what are the possible effects of restriction a Gambling Business

What will be the effect of restricting the Gambling Business?

The Gambling Business announces the abolition of Georgian sports sponsorship

What can be the result of uncompromising regulations?

How does the online gambling business work?

Is Online Gambling Business First In Revenue?

Where do millions of online gambling businesses spend their money?

The government is in a hurry to adopt regulations related to online casinos

How the online gambling business works

press conference (02.12.2021)

Course of the case with Beka Batsikadze (02.12.2021)

"Tea" with Maka Razmadze - November 30, 2021

Georgian Gambling Business Association Press Tour in Telavi (04.11.2021)

Maestro Business Time

Giorgi Mamulaishvili in the program Maestro Business Time

Assessments of economists and industry experts on the statement made by the Prime Minister

TV Pirveli Course of the case

Comment of Giorgi Mamulaishvili, Head of the Administration of the Georgian Gambling Business Association.

(ქართული) ინტერვიუ საქართველოს პარლამენტის თავმჯდომარესთან

(ქართული) 25 წლამდე ასაკის მოქალაქეებს შესაძლოა აზარტული თამაშები აეკრძალოთ

(ქართული) აზარტული თამაშების სექტორში ახალი რეგულაციების დაწესება იგეგმება

(ქართული) „სათამაშო ბიზნესის გამჭვირვალობის ამაღლება და ანგარიშგებათა სრულყოფა”

(ქართული) საქართველოს სათამაშო ბიზნესის ასოციაციის ორგანიზებით კონფერენცია მიმდინარეობს

(ქართული) სათამაშო ბიზნესი საქსტატთან თანამშრომლობისთვის მზადაა

(ქართული) სათამაშო ინდუსტრიის შესახებ სტატისტიკური ინფორმაციის მოპოვება საერთაშორისო სტანდა